District Administration Office Hörde


  • Project type: office
  • Completion: 2000
  • Area: 3,200 m²
  • Tenants: City of Dortmund, office and retail tenants
photo credit: Dipl.-Fotodesign Benito Barajas, Markus Steur Studio für Fotografie, Harpen-Unternehmensgruppe

Selected in the context of an experts review process, the location of the District Administration Office is a key focal point of this city district. At the place where the regional railway meets the city’s tram and underground train network, the District Administration Office stands tall between the urban development areas of Phoenix West and the Phoenix See in the east. Hörder Brückenstraße connects the northern and southern parts of this city district.

The main entrance of this important building for the people of Hörde is aligned to the bridge. In spite of its imposing brick architecture, the District Administration Office’s glass council chamber on stilts demonstrates its transparent openness to the citizens.


Ralph Körner

Ralph Körner

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