Asset Management & Portfolio Development

Shorter building life cycles and increasing property and operating costs are confronted with growing tenant requirements. Only an active asset management with a strong market and tenant focus and a strategic portfolio development approach are able to react on these needs and make properties to sustainable assets.

Detecting potentials in our portfolio and in the market and furthermore maintaining, developing and optimizing values are the major tasks of our asset management. We understand real estate!

Our asset management team currently manages a portfolio of 50 commercial properties with an overall rentable space of about 320,000 sqm. With a long lasting know-how and the necessary operational execution our asset managers are the responsible owner representative, controller of our service partners and quality manager of the single asset. By the consequent implementation and development of our asset strategies and with the help of a constant and well-grounded monitoring of KPIs we are able to adjust our portfolio regularly to the current market and location conditions. We succeed in this by our close relationship to our tenants, an active market research and making pragmatic investment decisions. Therefore also a strategic and a generic portfolio analyis are in the focus of our asset management. Therefore the resulting portfolio development is backed by specific acquistion and selling activities according to our investment strategy.


Christian Peschges

Christian Peschges

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