The Management

CEO: Franz-Josef Peveling
Managing director

Franz-Josef Peveling

After studying business administration at the University of Münster (1984–1989), he began his career in 1989 at Karstadt AG. In 1993 he changed over to Harpen AG, where he was initially responsible for setting up their real estate project development and also for portfolio management. In addition to various management roles carried out while the company was under VEW and RWE, he was also responsible for strategic change, realignment and restructuring (squeeze-out 2004, divestment 2006) for the sale of the company in 2006 to the private equity consortium GoldmanSachs/Cerberus and for the shareholder changeover in 2012. Since May 2007 he has been the Managing Director of the group. He is also involved in supporting the City of Dortmund and the Ruhr Region as a member of the full assembly at the Dortmund Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as a member of the Reinoldi Guild.

CFO: Konstanze Hatting
Authorized officer

Konstanze Hatting

After studying international business administration (European Business Programme FH Münster / Ecole Supérieure de Commerce Bordeaux), and spending 20 years in accounting, controlling and financial management in different companies and sectors and in all CFO roles, she has been CFO here since 2008. She was responsible for the restructuring process of the whole Harpen group as well as the shareholder changeover which included refinancing the Lehmann Brothers loan in the year 2012. In addition to the usual tasks of a CFO she is also in charge of optimizing processes, tools and systems and proactively drives forward the continuous growth process, e.g. by insourcing our own property management in the year 2015 and optimizing integration.